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Sum it up!

General overview

This App for Jira® is designed to sum up values from one issue to another one. Typical example is summing up Story points from all Sub-tasks to their parent issue (Story, Task,...). In general, you can sum any numerical values from child issues to their parent issue, but you can also sum these values based on links between the issues, or even several numbers inside one single issue. Also, as requested by many customers, you can finally create tables and sum up any statistics you wish. Main functions available are:

  • Chose any custom field and sum it in any destination field - easy as that!
  • Sum up multiple fields to a destination field in a single issue
  • Sum up values based on links between issues
  • You can sum up Time tracking values (time planned vs time spent)
  • This functionality can be switched on over all projects, or just selected ones via easy configuration
  • Create gadgets with tables on your dashboard to sum up any numbers you like (based on JQL, or saved filter)

Download here

What you'll get - some examples

Knowing the size
Do you spend hours on estimating stories and then someone from management comes in and asks you how big is the parent Epic? No problem - with our sum functionality, all values propagate from child to parent automatically. And you don't need to be a programmer in order to enable this functionality - we've made things as easy as they can be. Please see Sum functionality page for detailed configuration.

Release statistics
In order to deliver your customers a high quality service, or product, it is extremely important to measure quality. We offer you an opportunity to create online statistics, in which you will know exactly how many bugs there are and how much effort there is behind each type of criticality - by summing up the Story points for each category. Manage your customer's expectations - for detailed info on how to create such report, please see Table gadget configuration.

Cross-team statistics
Being able to see the full picture can lead to false interpretations, poor expectation management and even bad decisions. Don't worry - we've got this! With this table you will be able to see and compare things like ratio of activities managed by each team, or time spent on each type of work. How to configure this? Please see more details in 2d table gadget configuration.

Issue type statistics
To be able to move towards high performing teams, it is important to understand thing in context. Do you for instance know how much effort your teams spend on which type of activities? Our gadget will help you to get an overview by summing up the story points for each type of activity. Good input for the team's Retrospective, right? For details on how to configure this gadget, please refer to Table gadget configuration.

Resource allocation
Have you ever wondered how much work does each of your team members have assigned before, during, or after Sprint planning ceremony? As you know, overloading the most skilled team members can lead to frustrations, or burnout. Not in our case - with our Bar chart gadget, you can create such report & see this any time you like! For more details, please see 2d table gadget configuration.

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